Stop the Congressional Assault on Indian Sovereignty and the Ute Indian Tribe!



over 80,000 SIGNATURES AS OF 4/22/18

To the Honorable Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan:

We, the undersigned, respectfully call upon you to use your position as Speaker of the House to stop the attacks on The Ute Indian Tribe, such as the attempts by Rep. Rob Bishop to legislatively undermine the Ute Indian Tribe's Trust Lands. Bishop has also held hearings in this Congress on the topic of overturning the landmark 1934 Indian Reorganization Act--while inviting NO TRIBAL REPRESENTATIVES TO TESTIFY! These actions are part of a 21st Century Indian Land Grab and an attempt to bring back the genocidal mentality of the Allotment Era.

Rep. Bishop and some others in Congress are engaging in all-out assault on Indian Sovereignty, Indian Land, Water Rights, and even Indian Identity Rights. It is time the Speaker of the House stepped in to speak for the rights of The Ute Indian Tribe!

Respect Indian Sovereignty!

Honor Treaty and Trust Obligations! 

Listen to the Ute Indian Tribe!


Stop the Congressional Assault on Indian Sovereignty!
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