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Over 100,000 acres threatened by Congressional land grab!


what are we up against?

Representative Rob Bishop is out to take our lands.

If the 2016 Utah Public Lands Initiative (PLI) would have become law, it would have taken more than 100,000 acres of the Ute Indian Tribe’s Reservation Lands! These lands are within the oil and gas rich Uintah Basin, the very resources the Tribe uses to fund its government, provide for its members, and support the local and regional economy. Through an all out organizing campaign, the Ute PAC helped to defeat the PLI in 2016. Despite the failure of the PLI in 2016—or maybe BECAUSE of the failure—Rob Bishop is at it again, this time with his support of the 2018 Emery County Bill, H.R. 5727 and S. 2809. While the original sponsor of the House Resolution is Congressman John Curtis, the bill smacks of Rob Bishop’s landgrabbing, while the Senate companion piece is nothing but Hatch’s last-minute, lameduck spite in action. Currently, Hatch is threatening to keep language in the Senate version that threatens Ute Tribe Reservation land.

This so-called “Utah Public Lands Initiative” by Congressman Rob Bishop is nothing but a 21st Century Indian Land grab, the first of its kind in over 100 years.
— Ute Indian Tribe

Rep. Rob Bishop and some others in Congress are engaging in an all out assault on Indian sovereignty, Indian land and water rights, and even Indian identity rights. It is time the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, stepped in and said enough is enough!

protect indian lands!

Check out Rob Bishop's fundraising: nearly 93% of his funding comes from outside of Utah, some from oil and gas interests, those who wish to take Utah's public lands and the Ute Tribe's ancestral lands! Click:



“The Ute Indian Tribe reservation is in danger.”


We need your help!

Representative Rob Bishop MUST be stopped

  • He tried to legislate the biggest Indian Land grab in more than 100 years!
  • He has repeatedly violated the trust of the Ute Indian Tribe
  • He treated court rulings that have settled Indian land questions with contempt
  • He receives 93% of his financial support from outside of the State of Utah, 99% from outside his home district
  • He has otherwise been a do-nothing Congressman with the worst absentee record of any other member!

Support Ute PAC to stop Rob Bishop's indian land grab! 

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