Defeat H.R. 5727 Another Indian Land Grab!



         The Ute Indian Tribe’s Uintah and Ouray Reservation faces new attacks from the Utah Congressional Delegation.  On May 9, 2018, Congressman Curtis introduced, H.R. 5727, the Emery County Public Lands Management Act, with barely a weeks notice to the Tribe.  Despite claims of decades of outreach and negotiation, Curtis failed to include the Tribe in the drafting of his bill.  Now his bill threatens the homelands of Utah’s oldest residents as Curtis refuses to revise his bill to prevent the taking of lands within the Tribe’s Reservation.

          If passed by Congress, the bill would be the first federal legislation in over one hundred years to dispossess a tribe of its lands.  The bill would reverse the modern and successful federal laws and policies of protecting and restoring tribal lands, and would have devastating impact on all tribes in the United States.  The bill would override the United States’ treaties and agreements with the Ute Indian Tribe and permit the taking of tribal lands by the State of Utah.  The State wants these lands for their valuable energy resources—resources that were reserved by the Tribe.

         Curtis is pursuing this destructive path despite recently co-sponsoring the bi-partisan Advancing Conservation and Energy Act or ACE Act that would protect Indian reservation lands from states.  The ACE Act protects tribal lands while also achieving important conservation and energy goals for the states.  Curtis’ Emery County bill, H.R. 5727, stands in contrast to the collaboration and cooperation achieved in the ACE Act.  Most conservation and recreation organizations agree that H.R. 5727 must be revised to protect Indian reservations.

         The Ute Indian Tribe will be conducting a public awareness campaign through the Tribe’s political action committee, Ute PAC, and through other grassroots efforts coordinated with tribal members and supporters of the Tribe everywhere.  In outreach work conducted over the recent months by Ute PAC, several leading “supporters” of the legislation, as announced by Congressman Curtis, have since made known to the Congressman’s office that they support the Tribe’s position and will not support his bill until the changes the Tribe has requested are made.

 Support the Ute Indian Tribe, call Rep Curtis today, defeat this bill! (202) 225-7751.

For more information, visit or call 801-931-1500


Robert Lucero