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Stop the Congressional Assault on Indian Sovereignty and the Ute Indian Tribe!



over 80,000 SIGNATURES AS OF Summer 2018!
New language added october 8th 2018 to address new indian land grab!

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To the Honorable Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan:

We, the undersigned, respectfully call upon you to use your position as Speaker of the House to stop any and all takings of Ute Indian Tribe Lands, such as the attempt by Rep. Rob Bishop to undermine the sovereignty of the Ute Indian Tribe with H.R. 5727, the Emery County Public Land Management Act. Bishop is currently leading the charge behind H.R. 5727, which if enacted would be the first Indian land grab in over 100 years. While Congressman John Curtis introduced the bill, H.R. 5727 is just the latest attempt by Rob Bishop to divest the Ute Indian Tribe of its ownership and jurisdiction over its lands and water resources. With the failure of the Bishop/Chaffetz Public Land Initiative (PLI) of 2016, Rob Bishop is using yet another deceitful tactic to try steal Ute Indian land.

It is time the Speaker of the House stepped in to say enough is enough!

Respect Indian Sovereignty!

Honor Treaty and Trust Obligations! 

Listen to the Ute Indian Tribe!

Protect Ute lands and water!

Stop the Congressional Assault on Indian Sovereignty!
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